V is for Volcano!

Our Preschool 2 boys and girls have been busy building and painting a volcano that they could 'erupt' this week, for their very own science experiment!  There was lots of excitement in the classroom when Karlyn mixed the baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring! Here is what the boys and girls had to say about 'What they know about Volcanoes:'

  • When volcanoes are old, they erupt! - CH
  • Rocks can heat up! - CL
  • Lava can shoot out! - CH
  • Geyser comes out of the top! - EM
  • They erupt! - GC
  • They are 'near' dinosaurs! - VM
  • They explode! - CM
  • Some are underground! - CL
  • They heat up water! - CM
  • When they heat up water, its called a "hot spring!"
  • When lava hits cold water, it turns into rocks! - CL
  • Some organisms live in volcanoes! - EM